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An open-access database of molecular network models that:

  • Bridges the gap between databases of individual pair-wise molecular interactions and databases of validated pathways.
  • Contains functional network hypothesis produced by algorithms that screen molecular interaction networks based on their correspondence with expression or phenotypic data, their internal structure, or their conservation across species.
  • Is searchable using protein/gene names and Gene Ontology terms. Models are available either as images or in machine-readable formats.
  • Serves as a clearinghouse in which theorists may distribute or revise models in need of validation and experimentalists may search for models or specific hypotheses relevant to their interests.

CellCircuits fills a gap between databases of interactions and databases of validated pathways

Search the network models in CellCircuits ...
(try entering the words in underline bold into the search box or click on the examples below)
  • By gene
    • Using gene names or aliases (registered by the GO database) (e.g. GCN4)
    • Models in CellCircuits contain genes from yeast (S. cerevisiae), fly (D. melanogaster), worm (C. elegans), human (H. sapiens), and the malaria parasite (P. falciparum)
    • An asterisk (*) is a wild card (e.g. GCN*)
    • Enter more than one gene, each separated by a space. (e.g. YAP1 SOD1)
  • By Gene Ontology annotation
    • Use GO ID numbers (e.g. GO:0003677)
    • Use partial or complete GO term names (enclosed in double quotes) (e.g. "DNA binding")

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